Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer

As the Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Hitchcock my responsibilities are to seek and enhance the neighborhoods and the citizen's health, safety and general welfare through efficeint and effective City Code Enforcement. All actions shall be conducted in a responsive and fair manner focusing on customer service and public awareness while respecting the property rights of our citizens. The Code Enforcement Officer investigates City Ordinance violations adopted by the City at private and commercial properties on daily routine routes throughout the city also, phone calls or written complaints in person or by e-mail. The city's code of ordinances can be found at:

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to call city hall at (409)986-5591 or email

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John Dieringer

Code Enforement/ Asst. Fire Marshal


John Bertolino

Fire Marshal/ Code Enforcement





City Hall

7423 Highway 6
PO Box 48
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-5591
(409) 986-6903 fax

Police Department

6815 2nd Street
Hitchcock Texas 77563
(409) 986-5000
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Street Department

8401 Schiro Rd
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-5715

Utility Department

7423 Highway 6
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
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(409) 986-6903 fax

Municipal Court

6815 2nd street
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-9702
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