Employment Procedures

Thank you for considering the City of Hitchcock as an employment opportunity. This section of our web site will explain the procedures that are required of all employment applicants and the steps that will occur after you submit an application. In summary, the following will take place.

  • A vacancy is posted
  • Applications that are received for a posted position that meet the required qualifications are accepted. Include the job posting number you are applying for in the upper right hand corner of the first page of the application. You must submit a separate application for each job posting. Applications that are not for a posted position or do not meet the required qualifications are not retained.
  • Qualified applications are forwarded to the hiring authority weekly.
  • The hiring authority will determine which applicants they want to interview and will contact the applicant for the interview. Depending on the position, this selection process could take some time – several weeks to a month or more.
  • If the applicant is interviewed and is being considered for employment, the following will be done:

*Job references will be completed. Applicants will not be approved for hire without appropriate work references.
*Criminal background check will be conducted.
*The social security number will be validated.
*A driver’s license check will be conducted for all driving positions.
*If the above checks are within City parameters, a job offer will be made contingent on applicant passing the pre employment testing.
*If the offer is accepted, Human Resources will schedule this testing that includes a drug screen and physical for all positions. For positions that have physical requirements, a functional test will be administered.
*If the applicant passes the testing, the hiring authority will arrange a hire date.


City Hall

7423 Highway 6
PO Box 48
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-5591
(409) 986-6903 fax

Police Department

6815 2nd Street
Hitchcock Texas 77563
(409) 986-5000
(409) 986-9246 fax

Street Department

8401 Schiro Rd
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-5715

Utility Department

7423 Highway 6
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-5591
(409) 986-6903 fax

Municipal Court

6815 2nd street
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-9702
(409) 986-6260 fax