Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources is a full service department supporting a comprehensive range of personnel needs, many of which are driven by evolving State and Federal legislation. The Department performs various Human Resource functions by taking the following actions:

  • developing and interpreting policy
  • acting as internal consultants to all departments on personnel related issues
  • maintaining employment practices consistent with applicable legislation
  • resolving employee concerns, grievances, and appeals
  • administering and resolving workers’ compensation and unemployment issues and claims
  • providing training and development
  • maintaining equitable and competitive compensation practices
  • managing the City’s insurance programs

Mission Statement

The City of Hitchcock/Human Resources Department is dedicated to fulfilling our obligations to our employees, the City and to ourselves by providing quality support and service.

We Commit:

  • To ensure that the assistance and advice we provide is timely, accurate and complete.
  • To interrelated departmental professionalism and expertise by working in a cooperative spirit to better the quality of service provided by the City of Hitchcock.
  • To recognize the value of City employees and acknowledge the dedicated service of retirees through a continued responsiveness to employee needs and searching for solutions to areas of concern.
  • To strive for excellence by continually seeking ways to improve individual and team effectiveness and to enhance the performance of the department.
  • To encourage better management practices by consistency in policy and procedure interpretation and providing assistance for developing a progressive approach to management.
  • To motivate departments by providing useful information to increase awareness and maintain a safe working environment by encouraging safe work habits.
  • To initiate and develop loyalty to the organization that is reflected in our inner pride and seen through performance.
  • To provide protection for liability losses to the public and for other losses to the City’s financial assets, property, and personnel.

Our Standards for Achievement:

  • As a team we recognize that the manner in which we pursue our mission is as important as the achievement of the mission itself.
  • We also acknowledge that our ability to achieve our mission is directly linked to the manner in which we support our fellow team members.

City Hall

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PO Box 48
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Police Department

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Street Department

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Utility Department

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Municipal Court

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