General Information

The City of Hitchcock strives to create a development friendly atmosphere providing a high level of customer service. The staff encourages property owners and developers to ask questions in the early stages of a project. Clients may contact the staff at any time to ask questions regarding predevelopment issues.

The staff offers a predevelopment meeting opportunity to property owners, developers and their development teams to discuss proposed projects. A predevelopment meeting may be requested by contacting the City Planner.

The City of Hitchcock Development Guidelines provide an overview of the development process from economic development assistance to receiving a certificate of occupancy. The Development Guidelines may provide answers to many of your predevelopment questions.

Zoning Verification

To determine if a property is located within the municipal jurisdiction of the City of Hitchcock or what a property is zoned, check the Official Zoning Map or send a request to the City Planner.

Utility Verification

To determine if the site you are interested in developing has the appropriate city utilities available or if you need a formal Utility Verification Letter, contact the City of Hitchcock Public Works Department, phone: (409) 986-5559.


City Hall

7423 Highway 6
PO Box 48
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-5591
(409) 986-6903 fax

Police Department

6815 2nd Street
Hitchcock Texas 77563
(409) 986-5000
(409) 986-9246 fax

Street Department

8401 Schiro Rd
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-5715

Utility Department

7423 Highway 6
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-5591
(409) 986-6903 fax

Municipal Court

6815 2nd street
Hitchcock Texas, 77563
(409) 986-9702
(409) 986-6260 fax